Chin Surgery VI: Treatment of an Unusual Deformity, the Tethered Microgenic Chin


Background: Although the condition is rare, some children are born with cervical clefts or masses that require repair during infancy. The scarring in the submental region can tether the developing mandible at the menton, producing a developmental microgenia or tethered chin. Methods: A retrospective review of the senior author’s (B.M.Z.) patient records was performed; three cases of tethered chin were identified. In each case, a staged surgical approach was used. Results: In two cases, previous unsuccessful surgery complicated the initial presentation. In all cases, the underlying soft-tissue anomalies were addressed and the microgenia was corrected. Satisfactory aesthetic and functional results were obtained. Conclusions: The tethered chin represents a rare entity. Correction of the tethered chin requires a comprehensive understanding of the underlying abnormality and an appreciation of the multiple factors that contribute to chin function and aesthetics.

Full text available upon request.